Common Sense Home Good News Letter 12/17/23

“The warm snap roused the sleeping trees, prompting buds to swell. Hopefully they would sleep again with the returning cold, and wait patiently until spring.”

Our weather took a milder turn this past week, much to the joy of the duck patrol. There were a couple of days when Duncan didn’t even have to bust open the ice on the small pond for them. I swear the duck crew is trying to make a bigger swimming area, and they nibble at the ice edges and at the banks.

The next couple of days will be below freezing again, and then there’s another warm up for the end of the week. If the forecast holds, we may not have a white Christmas this year. The grey tones of the sleeping gardens aren’t as bright and fresh snow, but the wet weather sure makes the ducks much happier.

I always find it interesting to look at how much weather conditions have changed over history. If we start digging, you’ll find civilizations have risen and fallen based on changing weather. When I am right now has been at the edge of a huge inland sea, and under a massive glacier. I’m thankful we’re not at either extreme right now.

We’re not planning on traveling for the holidays, but if you are, make sure to have a ​winter car kit and cover basic maintenance, like filling washer fluid and checking tire pressure​.

I’m so grateful that we’ve almost reached solstice and more daylight is on the way. I keep the winter blues away by staying active and getting plenty of rest, but it sure is nice when it not dark before 4:30. We’re going to try a bottle of ​homemade mead​ to celebrate.

Speaking of darkness, it’s about that time, so I need to head out to tuck the duck patrol in.

All our best to you and yours,

Laurie and August IV, August V, and Duncan

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