Common Sense Home Good News Letter 12/23/23

This year’s ode to winter was inspired by frigid weather on our homestead, and stories from homesteading friends.

Enjoy “Workin’ in my Winter Underwear” to the tune of “Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland.

Workin’ in My Winter Underwear

Snow is fallin’, wind is whislin’ Scarves are wrapped, beards are bristlin’ The air has a bite, We’re freezing tonight Workin’ in my winter underwear

Icy paths, stacked up snowdrifts Power’s out, rigging makeshifts A goat of large girth Is about to give birth Workin’ in my winter underwear

Early morning shovel out a barn path Then clear snow heaped on the greenhouse roof Hauling water daily ‘cause it freezes And the critters need more food To be cold-proof

Later on, we’ll perspire As we chat by the fire The wood warms you twice Melting snow and the ice Workin’ in my winter underwear

Frozen poop is always fun for cleaning Feels a bit like scooping loads of bricks The mess is even worse when it starts thawing ‘Cause then it gets all muddy and it sticks

Car won’t start, roads are closin’ Temps are droppin’, nose is frozen We laugh and we pray, as we tackle each day Workin’ in my winter underwear

We laugh and we pray, as we tackle each day Workin’ in my winter underwear

In case you want to share this one, you can find it on the website here.

For new subscribers, you may also enjoy last year’s poem, ​A Homestead Night Before Christmas​.

This winter has been mild, and we’re expecting rain rather than snow in the next few days.

​Our homestead then and now​ is a peek at some highlights of the last 18+ years building and growing our homestead.

For those who are still planning baking this holiday season, you can ​find all our cookie recipes here​.

From our family to yours, all the best for the end of 2023 and the coming of 2024.

Laurie, August IV, August V, and Duncan

Instagram homestead snippets – ​our rooster, Chookini,​ and ​a recent foggy morning​. (You can view these even if you don’t have an Instagram account.)

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