Common Sense Home Good News Letter 4/2/23

“It’ll be okay in the end. It’s just that middle part that’s messy.”

It’s a strange thing to her your kids repeating back to you what you told them in the past. (And in this case, it’s also a good thing.)

Duncan and I were taking a walk to help set the chiropractic adjustment I got after falling on the ice. I was fretting because some parts of getting older suck, like not bouncing back from injuries like you could when you were younger. There are a lot health issues that various family members ran into as they got older that I would just as soon avoid if possible, too. He reminded me that one way or another, it all works out in the end.

None of us know what the coming years will bring, but it’s important to take care of yourself, live with intention, and build a support network with people you care for who care about you, too. Being more self-reliant doesn’t need to mean doing everything on your own.

All our best to you and yours,

Laurie (and August IV, August V, and Duncan)

This week’s featured articles…

You’ll want to keep an eye open for this week’s featured wild plant, shepherd’s purse. Herbicide companies wage war against it, but people have been using it for food and medicine for centuries. Heck, it’s even cultivated as a gourmet green in some areas.

Learn more here.

shepherd's purse

In spite of our recent snowstorms (or maybe because of them), I’ve been in a spring cleaning mode lately. We’re rehoming seldom used items in good condition, ditching damaged items, and cleaning and organizing what’s left.

This article shares spring cleaning tips for your kitchen.

spring cleaning tips

This is one of our favorite recipes for rhubarb season – rhubarb custard pie.

rhubarb custard pie

Valley Food Storage is running a sale right now on their 7 Day Survival Food Kits and their Premium Freeze Dried Meat Bucket. These are great to have on hand for emergency power outages and summer storm season. With the wicked weather that’s already hit this year, emergency preps have definitely been on my mind.

emergency meal kits
caption for image

Popular on Instagram – our adjustable plant light system.

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