Common Sense Home Good News Letter 7/15/23

“This land pulses with life. It breathes in me; it breathes around me; it breathes in spite of me. When I walk on this land, I am walking on the heartbeat of the past and the future.” ― Brenda Sutton Rose

We were finally blessed with over an inch of much needed rain this week. We’re still well below average rainfall for the season, but it gave us some hope for saving some of the tree and shrub crops that are struggling. We’ve been watering, but it’s just not the same as a good soaking rain.

The ducklings and chicks graduated to their outside runs this week. That means extra time for chores right now, but I know it’ll go by quickly. Momma used to say, “The days are long, but the years are short” when she was talking about us kids being little, and the time goes even quicker with baby animals.

Sassy and her baby ducklings stay in the chicken tractor during the day, unless they are supervised, so she doesn’t accidentally lose a duckling. The red ranger chicks haven’t quite figured out going in and out on their own, so they need a little encouragement morning and night.

I’ve been amazed at what’s grown and thrived this year, in spite of the challenging conditions. The songbirds still great the dawn with their joyful music, and the bullfrogs call through the night with their distinctive chorus.

The elderberry bushes are loaded with blossoms again, and the rose hips are fattening up. The vine crops are finally starting to creep, and I have hopes that the squash will be heading up the dome trellis by the time the open house comes around at the end of the month. (​Get the open house details here.​)

It hasn’t been the growing season that I’d hoped for, but there is still beauty to be found. I think the same can be said for many situations that life brings us. If you look with grateful eyes, you can find goodness.

All our best to you and yours,

Laurie (and August IV, August V, and Duncan)

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