Common Sense Home Good News Letter 1/13/24

“And then winter finally came – all in one week.”

Oh my goodness! I spent a LOT of time clearing snow this week. We’d get one snowfall cleared, and then the next one would move in.

Good news – ​Duncan’s snow pusher attachment for the new tractor works well​. Related good news – the young men from the garage door installation place braved the snowstorm yesterday to get the big garage door on the new outbuilding, so Duncan can park said new tractor inside now, just in time to protect it from the plunging temperatures this coming week.

I thought for sure those guys were going to cancel the installation, but they made it here. Duncan had to hook up a chain and tow them up the driveway to get them out again when they were done, but he saw them safely to the highway, and we didn’t get a phone call saying they were missing, so they must have made it safely back to their shop.

Other not good news – our oldest drake, Mr. Buff, was having trouble walking yesterday and was very weak. Today he was doing a little better, and had a good wash in the basin in the greenhouse.

I’m hoping he’ll pull through, but it’s going to be a tough week with the cold front moving in. The good news is that they rest of the ducks will be staying with him in the greenhouse, so he won’t be alone. We tried bringing him inside to rest (we have a special box for poultry rehab), but he became very anxious.

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All our best to you and yours,

Laurie (and August IV, August V, and Duncan)

More on Mr. Buff… His name is Mr. Buff, also known as Buffy. He’s the original drake of the duck patrol, and is around 6 1/2 years old. He is super sweet, and very brave and loyal.

He was the first duck to learn that when we whistled a certain way we had a snack (bug or worm) to give him, and he still comes running for treats.He also figured out how to whistle to signal that we should give the ducks treats – no easy feat given that ducks don’t have lips. He somehow makes a whistle through his nostrils to ask for treats for his ladies, and then gives a little bow when they get the treats to say, “Thank you”.

When Miss Blue was injured, he would wait for her while she was having her foot soak, and come “rescue her” when she was done and ready to rejoin the flock.One time he saw Duncan running through the yard to chase a deer out of the orchard, and he took off running with him to get the deer. Yes, a little duck was ready to help scare a deer.

He “dances” for the ladies, and has taught his sons to dance, too.He protects the flock, watching for any threats. One time when he was younger, a wild drake showed up in the pond, and he flew about 20 yards to chase it off. After he was done, he climbed up on a rock and posed majestically for a few moments before rejoining the ladies.

He has a son (or grandson, we’re not sure) named Indy, because he looks like Buffy Junior. He also sired Beauty, Jasper, and Sassy. He may be father (or grandfather) to Rico, Roy, Miss Quacky, Lucy, and Ethel.

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