Common Sense Home Good News Letter 2/11/24

Security doesn’t only have to mean money in the bank.

Sometimes security is a well stocked pantry.

Sometimes it’s a big pile of properly dried firewood.

Sometimes it’s friends, family, or community you can count on when you hit a rough patch.

I’ve been thinking alot lately about what we truly want to bring to you with the website. It initially began with just sharing what we were doing here on our homestead. Then I had put a name on it, so we started with Common Sense Homesteading, and the slogan, “Using sound judgment to be more self-reliant”.

Then I had many people say that they weren’t homesteaders, but the found the information useful, so we shortened it up to Common Sense Home.

Recently, I’ve been talking with some marketing “experts” who are trying to steer us to the ‘homesteading” and “sustainability” labels. There’s definitely some overlap in content, but I want something a little different for us, and for you.

I want resilience, and abundance, no matter where you are. If grocery prices continue to go up, I want you to have options to keep your costs manageable by ​growing your own​ or ​using budget stretching tips.​

If there are more power outages, or bad weather, I want to you to have the tools you need to deal with either (or both).

I want to give you options for self-care that don’t require a run to the pharmacy.

I want to help you improve your garden health so much that your plants still produce no matter how weird the weather gets.

Resilience and abundance.

Let’s see what we can do together.

All our best to you and yours,

Laurie (and August Iv, August V, and Duncan)

This week’s featured articles…

One of the things I most enjoy about gardening is trying out varieties you can’t find in the grocery store, and purple vegetables are some of the most eye catching options around. They’re so pretty that they work well for edible landscaping.

Before you decide to purple-ize your garden, you should know that those beautiful colors may change during cooking, and impact your recipes in bizarre ways.

I’ve shared some of our favorite purple veggies, along with photos and cooking tips, including some photos of finished recipes that may cause picky eaters to turn up their noses. ​Check out the list here.​

I can’t believe it’s the middle of February already. If you’d like to make some sweets for your sweet (or for yourself), check out ​these simple mounds or almond joy style candies made with no refined sugar​.

I was hoping we could avoid it, but we finally caught the bug that’s been making the rounds in our area. Congestion and runny nose to start, and now we’ve shifted to the coughing stage. I figured it was a good time to share the ​home remedies for cough again​.

Popular on social – ​the rogue chocolate mint​ and ​a brief introduction to our story​.

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