Common Sense Home Good News Letter 10/29/23

“The leaves tumbled across the gravel driveway, lifted by the stiff breeze, while the ashen clouds overhead warned of yet another round of chilling autumn rain. They’d had more rain in two weeks than all summer long, enough so that the pond levels were rising again. The weathermen would probably look at the sums and call it an “average” year, but as in so many cases, “averages” are made up of extremes.”

Did you miss me? Thank you for your patience and understanding.

These last couple of weeks have had more than a little dose of stress as we’ve been battling the elements in an attempt to get our sons’ new tractor storage and woodworking shop buttoned up for the winter.

First, we had to wait for the lift (telehandler) that would allow us to do the high work, because it was at another job. Then, once we got the lift back, August had to travel for work, and the rains started up – and kept up.

The ducks are ecstatic, especially the new crew hatched this year, as they’ve never had access to puddles everywhere. The guys dealing with standing water and soggy wood, not so excited.

With my sons tied up with building, I’ve been doing double duty on end of season work in the gardens and orchards. There’s also been extra behind the scenes work going on on the website, addressing some of the clutter that’s build up in over a decade of writing, and some family matters requiring attention.

August got official confirmation this week that his current job will be ending at the end of the year, so things will be changing for our family. Not quite sure what the future will bring at this point, but we’ll do our best to be here for you.

All our best to you and yours,

Laurie (and August IV, August V, and Duncan)

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