Common Sense Home Good News Letter 3/4/23

“Children act by instinct. Their bodies crave sweets because under proper natural growing conditions the produce is naturally sweet, accompanied by all the minerals that should be there.

Man defies this inherent natural quality by circumventing the correct fertility practices with nitrogen and potash. He follows this by adding extracted or synthesized salt and sugar to his food to fool the body’s desire for minerals which would naturally accompany sugar. the results is a society of sugar addicts.” – Dr. Arden Andersen, The Anatomy of Life & Energy in Agriculture

Sometimes things come into your life just when you’re ready for them, sometimes the universe decides you need a shake up, whether you think you’re ready or not.

As I’ve been diving down the rabbit hole of plant nutrition and finding out some pretty amazing things. For instance, they can determine which nutrients plants are missing based on what diseases or pests show up. Now we’re working on a strategy to hopefully take care of some of our (generally minor) garden issues on a more permanent basis.

I’ve noticed over the years that as our soil has improved, so have our pest and disease problems, but I didn’t realize it could be so specifically correlated. I’ve also noticed that certain weeds only show up in certain conditions, though the weed seeds can hang out in the soil for decades, waiting for the right moment to emerge.

Meanwhile, I also started reading a new book about improving vision naturally, and I’m not kidding, it feels like spring thaw is going on inside my head. I think this is another piece of the puzzle I needed to keep working on improving my eyesight.

Sometimes the world feels overwhelming, but it’s good to know that there are options out there to help us help ourselves. In the coming weeks, we’ll be working on the Growing Healthy membership, and I can’t wait to get into more detail with those of you who want dig a little deeper.

The regular weekly newsletter isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the website, we’re just creating a spot where we can do more without worrying about search rankings or social media censorship.

All our best to you and yours,

Laurie (and August IV, August V, and Duncan)

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This week’s featured articles…

Getting back to the basics with  How to Homestead (Not Quite) Like Grandma Used to Do 

How to Homestead

My mom’s favorite way to make chicken for Sunday dinner. Back when we had the family catering business, we cooked this for hundreds of people most weekends. It was popular at church dinners, too.

church dinner chicken

Flea beetles are a common spring garden pest, turning veggie leaves into lace if they get bad enough. Thankfully plants can usually be saved and the beetles managed with a few simple steps. Learn more here.

flea beetle control

Popular on Instagram – making elderberry syrup and comparing vitamin C content.

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