Common Sense Home Good News Letter 12/3/23

One of those things people rarely mention about winter is how the snow sounds different when you walk on it at different temperatures. Well above freezing, it squishes, halfway to a puddle splash with each step. At that sweet spot right around freezing, there’s the perfect “scrunch” of packing snow, waiting to become a snowman or snowball. When it gets cold enough that the breath freezes in your nostrils, it squeaks in protest with each footfall.

We’re back to squishy and scrunchy snow temperatures here in northeast Wisconsin. The duck patrol is extremely appreciative, as they ate all the leafy greens left in the greenhouse when they were stuck inside during squeaky snow temps last week. We still have a few late season tomatoes set aside for them, and some watermelon, but the fresh snacks stash is running low. It’s amazing how much they graze when they have access to forage. They love bugs, but they also do quite a bit of lawn trimming and vegetable nibbling.

The guys finally got all the siding done on the new workshop, much to everyone’s relief. Now they’re working on the interior, which is a little more pleasant. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but it’s pretty amazing that we’ve gone from bare dirt to steel clad building. It’ll be even more amazing once the tractor gets moved in and the wood working shop is set up.

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A reader emailed and asked in I wrote a recent quote at the top of a newsletter. If I don’t credit someone else, it’s from me. I hope I manage to capture a little piece of our world here to share with you.

The mess in the kitchen is calling for cleanup, so I’d best sign off. Stay warm and safe as we wrap up the year.

All our best to you and yours,

Laurie, August IV, August V, and Duncan

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